Rare Oil Blend


This luxurious Rare Oil Blend is something more than an remarkably good skincare product. This is a statement – a true manifesto of organic skin care.      (50ml)

Made of truly rare oils of the highest quality, it moisturises, repairs, rejuvenates and reinvigorates Your skin. Made with utmost care and attention to detail to make sure You get the very best, so You could Stay healthy. Be gorgeous. Feel Verdant.

This is a proclamation that a genuinely effective skin care product can be 100% organic, that it provides health benefits as well as beauty benefits.

Transcending borders in order to bring you the absolute best.

Rare Oil Blend is made of the highest quality rare oils. Neroli oil from Italy, Patchouli oil from Indonesia, Carrot seed oil from Nepal, Sea Buckthorn oil from Germany and Argan oil from Morocco – only the best will ever do for Vestige Verdant.

What makes it The best.

Rare Oil Blend gets its raw ingredients from farmers with only the best organic and fair trade certificates. In manufacturing we use only the latest in high technology to ensure that all the health benefits of these magnificent rare oils are delivered to you unchanged.

With Rare Oil Blend your skin can be described with:

Softness of cashmere, from the deeply moisturising organic Argan oil. In addition to that, argan oil has the unique ability to shrink pores and balance your skin.

Skin cells rejuvenated, made possible at astonishing pace by using organic carrot seed oil – rich in Vitamin A, carotene. This miraculous anti-inflammatory oil will make your skin youthfully elastic and has anti carcinogenic abilities.

Silky smoothness, from high-grade organic Neroli oil. Rarer than rare – this oil dissolves stress, tightens the skin and stimulates creating new skin cells.

Exceptional Freshness, derived from grade-A organic Patchouli oil. This is the stuff that makes you feel and look truly relaxed. It also has anti-allergy abilities.

– Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (Organic Argan oil).

– Citrus Aurantium Amara Flower Oil (Organic Neroli oil).

– Hippophae Rhamnoides Oil (Organic sea-buckthorn oil).

– Pogostemon Cablin Oil (Organic Patchouli oil).

– Daucus Carota Sativa Seed Oil (Organic carrotseed oil).

– Limonene.

– Linalool.

0% Parabens. 0% Carcinogens. 100% Organic. 

100percent-organic-certificate-1x fairtrade

1. The secret to a gorgeous skin begins with cleansing it. Remove all makeup, dirt and dust form your skin. That way your skin is ready to be delighted.

2. Apply a few drops of Rare Oil Blend on your finger tips and apply it to your face. For dryer areas on your skin add a drop more and gently massage the problem areas a bit longer.

3. Never forget the neck and cleavage. They are as important as your face.

4. Let the Rare Oil Blend work its magic for 10 minutes.

5. Smile!

Rare Oil Blend is suitable for all skin types and meant to be used daily.

Just make sure you wait 10 minutes before applying makeup.

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